The irrationality of Murder and the power of Belief

20131224-014320.jpgThe universe does not deal in absolutes. Its own inflation defies limitations. Its own self creating expansion breaks the boundaries of the known. Man on the other hand is a finite being, his existence can be measured, studied, evaluated and judged by the logic of the present. Man cannot comprehend infinity, so he deals in absolutes. His own shortcoming creates paradoxes his mind cannot explain.

Take for example the value of a human life, take out all societal attributes such as status, class, income, profession, gender or race. Even if anyone thinks of himself stripped bear of all definitions of social classification, he is still invaluable to himself. Nothing can hold greater value than the value of being alive, since man cannot comprehend void. void means infinity reversed, an inconceivable notion. If so, man is invaluable to himself. If man is invaluable to himself, then murder, direct or indirect, becomes irrational.

The rationality of any man committing murder or justifying murder to be committed on his behalf, is in the acceptance that his life holds greater value than the ones being murdered. If one accepts this premise, he must also accept the premise that his life may hold less value than someone else’s who believes himself more valuable than him, since only then would his rationality be logical. Ultimately, a man committing murder or justifying murder, also justifies his own murder by someone else. This creates a paradox since we have already agreed than every mans life is invaluable, even if it is invaluable only to one’s self.

Some may argue that this proves that life is sacred and deem murder as a sacrilegious act. Although arguably the instinct of survival or self preservation is innate, it holds no sanctity, for that would attribute the supernatural in all life. Be it that life is a natural biological causality, any belief of life’s sanctity is irrational and presupposes a deity of some sort. Therefore, since the existence of all deities is based on pure belief rather than facts and irrefutable evidence, regardless of the fact that sanctity also irrationalizes murder, it falls sort in its self justification and thus can be disregarded as insignificant.

imageEven a nihilist cannot justify murder, because if he is truly a nihilist, first he must justify suicide. And since after suicide, all action stops, murder is insignificant. Suicide is the ultimate form of denial, nothing is important and everything is permitted. If one denies the premise of value in life, then life becomes obsolete, and since all reality is presented by ones own mind, the conclusion that nothing is important and everything equals null, must be followed by an act of suicide. Otherwise, the nihilist creates an existential paradox which defies his own rationality and irrationalizes this ultimate act of denial.

In all forms of life, killing may be justified. Life and death are naturally linked and in all forms of life, ones survival may very well be dependent on another’s death. Killing is therefore a causality of life and cannot be irrational. But one must not be confused. It is an easy misconnection to make, justifying murder in the form of action for self preservation, yet there is no proof in nature of any life form which has survived by killing its own kind. None other has been so efficient or so prolific in that respect as man, despite his superior intellect which easily argues to the opposite.

imageGod or no god, nihilist or not, murder is therefore an act of defiance of the laws of reason and it cannot be justified in any rational context.

So how has murder become the defining factor of civilization? How has this unnatural irrationality crept so efficiently in our existence?

the answer lies in belief.

(to be continued)


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