The Revolution will be televised.

the-revolution-will-not-be-televised The Revolution will most definitely be televised.

Every action has an equal opposite reaction. It seems strange that the third law of Newton applies to the entirety of the known Universe, yet for all its powerful significance, crumbles in the face of our newly formed human societies.

Regardless of the level of science we use everyday to interpret our reality, both mathematics and physics seem to be weak when it comes to the complexity and chaos of our societies and the connections between cause and effect. Yes, the Revolution will be televised, and the proprietary rights will be owned, most probably, by a large American TV network, with millions of viewers but without any script.

If we take into account that we are at a moment in time which is determined by the sum of everything that has ever happened in human history so far, then we are exactly where we are supposed to be. 1+1=2. It cannot equal anything else. We may hope that it equals 3, we may dream that if 1 was 5 it would equal 10, we may firmly believe that in all fairness 1 should be 5, but the simple fact of the matter is that it doesn’t. 1+1=2, period. It pains me to admit it, but reason suggests that as a species, we are at the peak of our history and nothing that has happened could result into anything else.

Every social struggle, every Revolution, every fight against oppression and injustice, has been the result of a power struggle between interests of one group of people that has the authority and interests of another group of people which opposes their authority. Regardless of who is right or who is wrong, regardless of who won, the fact of the matter is than when the tables turned and authority switched hands, the result was always the same, hence the term Revolution (rotation). The Marxist theory suggests that Revolution is “the violent and historically necessary transition from one system of production in a society to the next”. Even so, even if history requires it, the fact of the matter is that this rotation of systems has ended up in the world as it is today, good, bad, ugly or beautiful, this is what we’ve come to. Every such exchange of power has been influenced by the pursuit of a certain group of people to attain what the few possessed. The motives may vary amongst the individuals that take part in it, some may do it for justice, some for survival, some for glory, money or fame, but motive can only describe the reason behind it, yet that is not the issue here. The real issue that has not been addressed so far by the people who strive towards change, is whether change will equal improvement or it would just be another rotation of power with a sum of 0 for the future generations that will follow. It is not enough to overthrow the oppressive rulers anymore, there needs to be a plan, a vision, even if utopia is unreachable, striving for it seems to hold much more promise than the distopia of our times.

Another question that also needs answering is whether such a change is even feasible in the world today. If we stop to contemplate the level of control that the state holds against its people, and the level of control that the business world has acquired against the states that control those people, then any resistance is simply futile. The main reason for its futility is not simply the size and power of the force that opposes change, but also the motives that drive the opposing force to clash with authority. If the motives are oriented towards our own petty self interests, then the Revolution will result in a rotation, whilst if the motives stem from our inner sense of justice, societal evolution and the improvement of human life as we know it, then the Revolution will be powerful enough not only to rotate the wheel, but break it. Anything less will not be enough, anything less will taste like warmed up yesterdays pasta. When your aim is nothing less than a 3 Michelin restaurant, warmed up food just doesn’t cut it.

The reality is frightening, it’s scary when you realize the magnitude of viciousness, brutality and border cannibalism in which descent, well educated, well fed people terrorize any attempt at something different. Their reflexes, as sharp as razors, either to destroy any hope for change or, worst of all, to absorb it, making it cheap, commercial and profitable. Philosophers and thinkers keep silent, distant, buried in their books, tired and withered by being ignored they keep to themselves, muted in the laughter of loud superstars and pompous technocrats.

We are exactly where we ought to be, the past has defined our present and the future has not yet come. It’s always the present, every single moment, the present, persistent and expectful it waits for no man. The Revolution will not come, change will not be given to us in a silver platter, nothing is safe anymore and reality teaches us that the road is long and hard. If ever the world takes its next evolutionary step in the pursuit for happiness, we will not be here to marvel it. Lets face it, as much as we hope for a better world, our generation is lost, and many more generations after our own. But. Yes, there is always a but. If we don’t focus our energy at revolutionizing our minds and the way we behave towards each other and towards our environment, it’s dead sure that the next Revolution is already lost, we will have already killed it, tens, hundreds years before it even started. If we don’t realize how valuable our understanding of the necessity for change really is, then make no mistake, the Revolution will be televised.


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