The ravings of a naive fool

I have found myself scorned occasionally, at least in my eyes it seems that way, or looked at in a funny, patronizing way, when expressing my wondrous amazement towards mathematics. It has been called, the language of the universe, the embedded code in the software of life, the mystifying symbolism which can only be discovered, not invented, or imagined. Nothing that is, was , or ever will be, cannot be expressed in one way or another by mathematics, even our soul, a word so easily uttered by artists and writers and poets and theologians, which bears no real definition, yet is so engraved in us all, can be expressed by a very complex equation, probably yet unknown to our infant big brains.

I was walking on the beach only recently, as it suddenly occurred to me that i was stepping on a massive natural graveyard. I was surrounded by the resting place of corals and sea shells, once living organisms on the depths of the sea, now discarded by their mother’s wet embrace to rest upon the sandy shores of the earth. I started picking up their corpses, one by one, examining them carefully as it dawned to me how perfectly shaped they were. Their patterns, their shape, everything in perfect order of geometrical proportion, of embedded mathematical code, of numbers. To some, numbers are discarded as mere cold symbols and boring classroom hours, things of no interest, despite the fact that if it weren’t for them, none of the things that they find so interesting or beautiful, or magical, from their home, to their favorite song, to their lovely perfume, to their enormous television or automobile, or book, or tv series, or mid August sunset, could ever have existed. Even in the asymmetry of the corals one could find purpose, even in their imperfection, one could find order, and I could finally find the comfort I was so desperately looking for.

My big brain followed the neural pathways that lit up as my eyes were translating the images into meaningful thoughts, firing up synapses with electric currents, connecting dots with each other in a desperate effort to find meaning, as it is programmed to do. I found myself relating these corals to actual human beings, and before you call me a fool, or a total nut-job, just listen to my infantile and utterly naive case. Every coral, broken and imperfect as it was, had been part of a whole, part of a single, leaving, breathing, reproducing organism, each one, with its own purpose, following the order that was predetermined to follow by simply being there, even if it was not aware. As pure geometrical living forms, corals seemed to bear no resemblance to the cold, soulless nature of mathematics, as some humans tend to attribute to them. Somehow, their now dead imperfect bodies, were part of a collective organism, which, without knowledge of its own purpose, or its existence, had played its role as part of another, larger biological organism, which in turn gave way to complete the puzzle of a whole ecosystem, that made possible the life of hundreds of thousands living forms, all distant and at first glance, totally unrelated, all living, breathing, reproducing, maturing and ultimately fading away in the infinite chain of life under the sea.

What dawned to me, while ironically the sun was going down, was how similar our lives were with those of the corals, how magically interconnected our existence was, even in its most imperfect and broken form, and how important each and every one of those forms could be if it accepted this simple “truth”. Somehow, on that evening, the ugliness of us humans stopped, our meaningless destructive existence, gave way to something greater and everlasting. Somehow, our small finite lives were responsible in ultimately sustaining the infinite nature of our whole. Somehow our souls, didn’t need to be defined anymore, simply because each and every one were just pieces of a single unifying enormous soul system, which was magical in its self, without want or need or desire for meaning .

So next time you find yourselves on a beach, and before you call me a fool, just grab a small shell and just imagine what if…


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